Robert McCarter

Every project deserves a good plan and nothing helps a project stay on course like conceptual art work.  I can provide something as simple as Photoshop work to an existing photo or a drawing something from scratch.  On more elaborate projects, I start off with a profile drawing built on real dimensions to set ride height, wheel and tire sizes to balance proportions.  From there I can start on 3/4 and detail views to further develop ideas.  Since I know my way around the shop, I also think about how these ideas can be executed.  As fun as wild creations are to draw, I feel there needs to be some thought as to how to build it, otherwise its just art work. 

Sometimes you have to look at where you have been in order to see where you are going.  Like most of my skill sets, I took  the long path to where I want to go, learning on my own.  I never took any art classes other than what was available in elementary and middle school.  These are some of my early works, back when I should have been paying attention to something else instead of drawing.  I stopped drawing for a long period, got caught up with life and other adult excuses only to pick it up again just recently.  My photography and computer skills drastically changed my artwork.    Picking up PhotoShop made the largest impact, especially with color while also adding the ability to make changes.  This is a big help when working with customers.

Conceptual artwork services